[aprssig] Possible auto-reply bug in the Kenwood TM-D700 and/or TM-D710

la3qma at aprs.la la3qma at aprs.la
Sat Jul 23 13:58:06 EDT 2011

Siterer "Guido Trentalancia" <iz6rdb at trentalancia.com>:

> Another possible bug in Kenwood radios could be that the APRS Auto-Reply
> function not only automatically replies to incoming messages but also to
> incoming bulletins, which clearly is not supposed to do for obvious
> reasons.

Not sure where you have this information. The TM-D710 does NOT sending  
"auto reply" to bulletin group or message groups.

> I am not even sure whether it is eventually affecting the TM-D700, the
> TM-D710 or both...

I can check the TM-D700 tomorrow if no one else is testing this before me.

> If this bug is confirmed and at the same time the device proves to be a
> TM-D700, it might not even be possible to upgrade to a new firmware, I
> suppose.

If it's a TM-D700 then it's not possible to fix if this is a bug.

But i do suspect that it's only sending a ACK to the sender and not to  
the "group" and this is not so bad even if it should no be like that.

Kai Gunter

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