[aprssig] QRU - Anything for Me?

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Thu Jul 21 14:54:42 EDT 2011

I'm considering my local RF footprint and the number of hospitals (for 
instance) within that range.  I'd certainly rather have the nearest one 
or two come back from a query, based on where I am, than to get a flood 
of 10 or so and be expected to figure out which one is closest.

Hence my original response of the QRU functionality as an answer to 
"heard anything like that" in relation to "location-based services".

And as you almost pointed out, QRU can be used as a central responder 
via APRS-IS with appropriate standard -IS to RF messaging IGates to 
provide location-based centrally maintained data such as what Steve, 
G6UIM, is doing for Steam Railways (?SRAIL), Lifeboat stations 
(?LIFEBOAT), Hospitals (?HOSP), and Amateur Radio clubs (?ARCLUB) in the UK.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 7/21/2011 2:15 PM, Keith VE7GDH wrote:
> Bradley KC9GQR wrote...
>> Didn't UI-View have something like that called info Kisok for something
> That's UI-InfoKiosk. It is a UI-View add-on. It sends a beacon on RF
> to announce its existence. Mobile stations can interrogate it via an APRS
> message for a list of objects and then request an object. It responds 
> with
> an APRS message with a brief description and then sends an object
> showing the location.
> I've read Lynn's reply about it simply being an auto-responder, not
> taking into account the location of the requestor. Usually the requester
> is local to the UI-InfoKiosk. While there isn't anything to prevent a
> distant station making a request, the objects are usually of more
> interest for local stations than someone half a continent away. I'm
> not knocking QRU. I just think that a local operator has a better idea
> of what objects might be more useful for people within earshot on RF.
> They would also be in a much better position to keep it updated with
> any additions or changes.
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