[aprssig] Possible auto-reply bug in the Kenwood TM-D700 and/or TM-D710

Guido Trentalancia iz6rdb at trentalancia.com
Wed Jul 20 12:43:10 EDT 2011

Hello !

Another possible bug in Kenwood radios could be that the APRS Auto-Reply
function not only automatically replies to incoming messages but also to
incoming bulletins, which clearly is not supposed to do for obvious

Unfortunately, I cannot check/verify this any further, therefore I am
not even sure, but apparently it's truly happening to somebody.

I am not even sure whether it is eventually affecting the TM-D700, the
TM-D710 or both...

The device that is experiencing such problem is being identified by
aprs.fi as:

Kenwood: TM-D700 version 02 (rig)

However, when it's not compressed, the string in raw packets appears to
be APK102, which should be the same one used by the D710.

If this bug is confirmed and at the same time the device proves to be a
TM-D700, it might not even be possible to upgrade to a new firmware, I

Does anyone have any better insight into this ?



Guido IZ6RDB

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