[aprssig] Snow vs Wind speed clarification

Alexander Sack pisymbol at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 13:27:50 EDT 2011


I don't quite understand you Bob!  :-)

So the original specification lists 's' for both wind speed as well as
snow fall in positionless format.

Base on the link above:

- 's' should really be snowfall now
- But if the software letter is 'W', they it can't be snowfall
- Normally wind speed would be taken from the XXX/YYY<rest of WX
sentence> format

Is that correct?

Now you also mention that the characters '/W' and '\W' can be used
interchangeably with '/_' or '\_' in the APRS Data field.

Not to pick on anyone's packet but:


So the '_' already denotes this as a WX string.  However what does the
'/WX' serve?  Where would I find any of the characters you mention
above?  Isn't '_' sufficient to denote a WX string?

Finally, can I assume that the software character will NEVER conflict
with the weather data initials (e.g. c, s, g, etc.)?  i.e. Does it act
as a delimiter between the two?

[on a side note, what is the most update list of software characters?]


-aps (KC2ZSX)

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