[aprssig] Questions about being both an iGate and digipeater.

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> My big question is how to do you get a software-controlled TNC that is both
> a digi and an IGate to not wait for a clear channel on the digipeat but yet
> wait for a clear channel on -IS to RF IGating and other beacons?  And do
> KPC-3+ and other "popular" TNCs do this automatically between digipeating
> and transmitting their own beacons and/or objects?  It would seem that
> UIDWAIT governs all transmissions which means that the digi's own beacons
> aren't waiting for a clear channel?
This is not a full response, but partial answers to your question with
regard to hardware digi's.

UIDWAIT is for the digi'ing part, whereas DWAIT is for the other

So, if UIDWAIT is set to zero, it will key as soon as it hears a complete
packet that needs to be digi'd.
DWAIT would be for other packets originated at/by the TNC.

Not sure how to answer your question about s/w based digi's, but let me have
some time to mull that over.
I guess you would do it by waiting x amount of time ( matter of milliseconds
) for a new packet to arrive before you send your packet out the port,
whereas with digi packets you'd just ship them out right away. No sure way
without access to the DCD signal from the TNC, and most don't have that
available via comm port, especially in KISS mode.

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