[aprssig] followup to earlier post on status text

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 19 09:24:02 EDT 2011

A better format in my opinion would be: 

2. FFF.FFFMHz Elk-99946 CQ CQ CQ
3. FFF.FFFMHz Elk-12345 CQ CQ CQ
4. Mon Non-Ham. Send me msg
5. [Freq MHz] Dave out mobile   (auto fills freq)

Using the above method puts the FREQUENCY of those VOIP nodes into the APRS
Frequency field so that others can instantly contact you by the simple press
of their TUNE or QSY button.  The 5th status AUTOMATICALLY inserts your
operating frequency no matter where you tune band B.  But why not provide
this information on the other three nodes too.

I abbreviated as shown so that these texts show up NICELY formatted on the
10x10x8 window size of the tens of thousands of other APRS radios out there.

We need to educate people about the benefits of putting FREQUENCIES in ithe
FFF.FFFMHz format that was standardized in APRS back in 2004..  No sense not
using that format if you want people to easily QSY to your channel.


> I would set up my 5 STATUS texts as follows:

> 1. On IRLP-3300 CQ CQ CQ
> 2. On ELink-99946 CQ CQ CQ
> 3. On ELink-12345 CQ CQ CQ
> 4. Mon Non-Ham. Send me msg
> 5. [Freq MHz] Dave out mobile   (auto fills freq)

> If one of my friends back in the PNW looks me up 
> on FINDU or APRS.FI, he'll see where I am, how long 
> ago my last contact was, and if there's an IRLP or 
> ELINK node listed, he'll be able to contact me for QSO.

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