[aprssig] followup to earlier post on status text

David Dobbins ddobbins at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 08:39:15 EDT 2011

Lynn correctly deciphered my earlier post ref the status text. I also
received a response from Kenwood that it would take a firmware update, and
another response it would not be an added feature for the user. Thanks for
the input, but with Echolink and IRLP expanding the virtual limits of
communications over that of a nearby repeater, I still think it's a good
idea for a future update to the APRS-capable radios.

If there are 5 configurable status text messages, I would set them up as

1. On IRLP-3300 CQ CQ CQ
2. On ELink-99946 CQ CQ CQ
3. On ELink-12345 CQ CQ CQ
4. Mon Non-Ham. Send me msg
5. [Freq MHz] Dave out mobile           (this one gets filled in with the
frequency I'm monitoring for local QSO)

The DEFAULT would be #5 for any freq I don't designate in the MCP for
another frequency, such as the nearby Oro Valley ARS Echolink repeater on
145.190 where I would choose #2 for the matching status text. This way, as I
move about town, and within range of another repeater, I simply QSY to that
repeater, and the new status text associated with that "channel" gets

If one of my friends back in the PNW looks me up on FINDU or APRS.FI, he'll
see where I am, how long ago my last contact was, and if there's an IRLP or
ELINK node listed, he'll be able to contact me for QSO.

I think this would be a good feature, and furthers Bruninga's goal of APRS
being an information tool.

David K7GPS
Echolink 99946
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