[aprssig] Sound Card Packet Page Has Moved

Ralph Milnes ralphmilnes at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 15:08:59 EDT 2011

The Sound Card Packet pages formerly at www.kc2rlm.info/soundcardpacket
have moved to a new host with a new URL.


The new URL is www.soundcardpacket.org      As you can see, the URL is much
shorter, easier to remember, and no longer part of my personal page.


This website provides information about using the AGWPE program to provide
packet connectivity via your computer sound card instead of a separate TNC
(although AGWPE can also act as a TNC manager). Many packet programs ,
including APRS clients, WinLink, WInPack, and UISS, can link to AGWPE -- and
by using virtual serial ports, many other packet programs may also be able
to link to AGWPE.


The new site host and domain name is owned by the AGWPE author, George
Rossopoulos SV2AGW, although I will continue to maintain the pages for
George for the foreseeable future.


If you have links to the old URL on any of your web pages, you may want to
update them.


Also, please let me know if you detect any hyperlink errors on pages at the
new site.




Ralph Milnes NM5RM




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