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Mike GM1WKR gm1wkr at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 17:26:13 EDT 2011


I'm attempting to write a net sked engine to squirt some net objects at the
local digi and have a few questions (sorry if they are not in context of
this list).

1]  Is http://www.aprs.org/info/netsked.txt is the most up-to-date spec for
a Net Sked engine

2]  Is Bobs' suggested file format (URI above) now a standard or is it
likely to change?

3]  APRS DTI - am I correct it is a plain old Object DTI (semi-colon)?

4]  Beacon Rate ... using the following line as an example
tuesday   9:30 PM 3/30 NET-AARC  147.105 none R17m VIA WIDE1-1

Does the /30 mean the Net runs for 30 minutes or that the Beacon should run
for 30 mins, I'm assuming this is actual Net duration and the engine will
start beaconing 10 minutes prior (9.20 PM in the example)?

Bob suggests doubling the rate (3 in the above)  ten minutes either side of
Net Start time - can I clarify this means a beacon every 90 seconds or have
I mis-unserstood this bit.

5]  Could I humbly suggest the keywords "Weekday", "Weekend" and "Daily" be
included in the spec as well as 'nth Mon' and 'Teusday'?

Cracking List, many thanks!!

vy 73,
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