[aprssig] Local Repeater Info lacking in N.Central Illinois

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 1 10:44:48 EDT 2011

Regarding Local APRS Traveler Info from EVERY digi:

> That's all very well and true and won't come to pass 
> until there are more rigs that will QSY to a transmitted 
> frequency like the D72 you have so pointed out.

Most APRS radios on the market now do that.  The D710, D72 and FTM-350.
Maybe the newer VX HT's do also?

> Plus, the users will have to learn how to put the 
> information into their rigs about local repeaters..

Amen! I just checked the map, and surrounding your area (west of Peoria Ill)
I see maybe 6 or 7 digis, but only ONE is outputting a Frequency Object (the
444.4 Repeater in Springfield).  Surely there are more voice repeaters in
west central Illinois suggested for visitors and travelers?  It only covers
Springfield.  What about those out of town?

> Now yes, if the Ham can see their screen and read the 
> information off of it, they can input the info manually, 
> by hand if their rig doesn't have a QSY option.  
> Problem is, that might not be advisable in traffic going 70mph.

The Frequency in someone's packet lets you know where they are presently
listening.  In most areas of the country, there are only a few possible
repeaters in any area.  So presumably the mobile is on one of those
repeaters.  Second, everyone else in that area probably has those repeaters
already stored in memory.

So if one wants to have a QSO, one does not have to copy a bunch of stuff
manually, they just see the freq, and then switch to that local memory.

> I have noticed out in the sticks where I live, 
> more activity.  Our small town has a Ham with 
> a digipeater at 90 feet and 90 watts...

Great!  But that local digi N9HWO in your town does not show any repeater
contact frequency nor does it even show its own PHG range to give an idea of
its coverage.  Thus, for the purpose of travelers in the area, there is
nothing to see and no info provided to help people with APRS in the area.  I
do notice that the station KC9LDH is announcing the 147.285 T103 repeater,
but since it is buried in a status text, no one will see it unless they look
for it.

Making the N9HWO originate an object with the name 147.285bcp will make it
show up right there on the station list of every mobile in range.  (bcp
makes it unique in the world and easy to find on the internet.  Stands for
BigCreekPark, or whatever other unique name you want.

> APRS is growing but I don't think it's widespread 
> enough for all of its' options to be taken advantage of.

True.  That's why digis need to PROVIDE USEFUL INFO TO MOBILES so that
mobiles can see the value of APRS to the mobile operator.

For everyone not familiar with this LOCALINFO initiative since 2004, please

And to see how to set up all those digis properly so that EACH digi shows
its own locally recommended local voice repeater frequency objects for ITS
coverage area, please see the above web page plus the one below on how to
properly set up an APRS digipeater:

By having a FREQUENCY (and tone) pop up your local voice repeater on every
traveler that passes near town, not only will APRS usage improve, but more
hams will find it easier to talk to other hams while mobile, and it also
benefits ham radio too!


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