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Chris Moulding chrism at crosscountrywireless.net
Thu Jan 27 11:28:08 EST 2011

If you really want to try APRS mobile on HF have a look at this program:


You could send messages and beacon your position while mobile and if you
are within range of an Igate running APRS Messenger you could exchange
two way messages with any other ham on the APRS-IS.

There are 24/7 igates in the US, Canada and Australia with an attended
igate in the UK.

Frequencies used are 10.1497 MHz in the US, Canada and Australia, and
7.0497 MHz in Europe.


Chris, G4HYG

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On 27/01/11 16:14, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> [Subj: Was APRS on Android]
>> I think it would be fun to pass through a town, 
>> send a 40 meter frequency into IS with a phone, 
>> and have someone call me on 40m.  
> Anyone can do this, even on the APRS-IS.  Just send an APRS message:
> Msg: CQ CQ Lee, 7.285 MHz mobile!
> Your message will go to EVERY person on the planet on RF and IS who has
> similarly sent in a CQ CQ message that day.  
> Come to think about it, I think everyone that is mobile HF should make it a
> matter of routine to send out a CQ CQ message everytime they get in the car!
> And with the APRS radios, that is as easy as hitting the MSG button and then
> the RE-TX button.  Done.
> APRS is powerful.  So few people use it for anything but pushing ICONS
> around on someone else's map.
> Bob, WB4APR
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