[aprssig] APRS on Android/-IS to RF gating

Jan L. Peterson kd7zwv at peterson.ath.cx
Thu Jan 27 00:54:07 EST 2011

On Jan 26, 2011, at 8:36 PM, Lee Bengston wrote:
> Gating internet to RF when passing through town creates other possibilities as well.  I think it would be fun to pass through a town, send a 40 meter frequency into IS with a phone, and have someone call me on 40m.  Yeah, I could do it with a 2m rig, but why bother if the phone can do it.  Also not every 2m or dual band rig does voice and data at the same time on 2m.  In that case why not send a 2m frequency via phone and be listening on 2m (voice only rig) for a call?

I currently fit in this category.  I've only got the one radio, and it doesn't have data capabilities, but I'd like to participate in APRS activities.  I can run APRSdroid and beacon with my phone, but if it doesn't hit RF, it doesn't really do much good.

> That said, I realize it is not a trivial thing to set up the proper (spam-avoiding) filtering of internet to RF on a nationwide basis because so many people would need to be involved.  It is also evident from some of the opinions expressed on this list that some igate operators just wouldn't do it.

As I read this, one thing came to mind.  There seems to be a lot of pressure to not start doing this because not every igate operator will cooperate.  With this attitude, the situation will not change. If, however, people start talking about doing it and people start actually doing it, then it will at least work in some areas.  If we just say "well, no one will ever do it," then indeed, no one will.

And, for the gentleman who said something to the effect that we're supposed to be doing things with RF (I know it wasn't you, Lee, I think it was Greg), *I* thought we were supposed to be communicating.  If we weren't supposed to be trying new things and communicating in new ways, we'd never have progressed beyond spark gap Morse.  I know from talking with Bob KB4APR that it's about people communicating.  Anything we can do to facilitate that, with whatever technology, is a good thing in my opinion.

Jan L. Peterson (KD7ZWV)

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