[aprssig] -IS to RF Igating reloaded (Was: APRS on Android)

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Tue Jan 25 17:16:05 EST 2011

* Stephen H. Smith <wa8lmf2 at aol.com> [2011-01-25 19:02]:
> Theoretically, an application on an igate could compare the
> coordinates of Internet-stream mobiles with the igate's own
> location,  and gate them to RF,  if they are say within 10 miles of
> the igate.   Since every igate is independent, this would mean
> getting THOUSANDS of different igate operators to update/replace
> their software individually.

Yes. But by making clear the demand and specifying a standard procedure,
we can at least initiate the process. The second step is talking to
igate operators in the regions you are interested in.

Adding a range filter to the software is no rocket science. Specifying
the forwarding rules for the packet on RF is slightly more complicated,
but can be solved with some common sense.

When several igates overlap in RF range, a little more coordination is
needed to prevent duplicates. This is solvable as well, however.

> However APRS, like many large software environments, suffers from
> what IBM once called "the tyranny of the installed base" [...]

But we can start now and let the evolution do the rest ;-)

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