[aprssig] Generic Smartphone APRS aps!

Phil N6TCT phil_aprssig at lapsley.org
Tue Jan 25 11:42:45 EST 2011

I would like to second what Lynn and some others have said regarding
Bob's recent post:

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
> And these [Bob's] recommendations ignore the RF aspect of APRS!  Just
> because it's a SmartPhone, doesn't mean that Internet access will
> always be available.

Amen!  The places where I find APRS (and ham radio in general) the most
useful are places that don't have reliable Internet or cell phone
coverage -- think the deserts of northern Nevada, for example.  For me,
cached or offline maps are a must.

Lynn, thanks to you and to all the others who have done such great APRS
development work!  Though we hams may not express our gratitude on a
regular basis, we do appreciate it.

Phil, N6TCT

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