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Greg D. ko6th_greg at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 25 02:39:25 EST 2011

> Some igates CAN reverse-gate other traffic on a very limited basis, but you 
> have to make arrangements to "whitelist" your call with the igate operator in 
> advance.

Uh, really?  Never heard of it.

I have a bi-directional iGate running here, intended to support bi-directional messaging (e.g. APRS messaging, Winlink, etc.).  I set it up initially so that I could experiment with APRS messaging, and, as things often do, it sort of became a permanent part of the shack.

The iGate is in easy direct RF view from busy sections of both Interstate 80 and Highway 49.  It also hears the K6FGA-1Digi 20 miles up the road pretty well, and often is the point of entry to IS for packets that are echoed from there.  According to the statistics at aprs.fi, it gates an average of about 25 packets per hour from RF to IS, with peaks around 100; watching the TNC lights tells me that it sends maybe a half dozen or less from IS to RF.  I presume these packets sent to RF are in response to a message received via RF.  (Haven't checked; probably should...)  But clearly I'm not flooding the IS to RF.  

I didn't do much of anything special in setting it up.  
 - Xastir version 2.0 (upgraded from 1.something after a disk file system scramble).
 - Configured the TNC and IS ports (call sign and IS network stuff)
 - Path 1 is APX200 via WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1
 - iGate->RF path is WIDE2-1
 - Enable bi-directional iGating

So, what am I doing "wrong" that would require someone to "make arrangements" with me to get an answer back to their messages?

Greg  KO6TH

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