[aprssig] -IS to RF Igating (was: APRS on Android)

Eric Lorenz K9LGE k9lge at emlorenz.com
Mon Jan 24 18:35:07 EST 2011

Dear Bob:

First, let me say I am grateful and appreciative of the work you have 
done developing APRS over the years. That being said...

I know that you are a big proponent of APRS 'doing more' than just 
tracking. I sometimes though get the feeling that you'd like to see all 
trackers just 'go away' and APRS to be used for other things. This part 
of APRS is what I can do right now. I do not have a $300-400 Kenwood 
radio with all the bells and whistles to do messaging and 
auto-switch-freq when a close by signal is detected for voice QSO and 
all that. It is neat, but it costs money, which I need to use for other 
things right now.

I am starting to get a sense here by some that there is an agenda for 
APRS...that unless you can pony up the $, and do it the way some think 
it should be done, that you should not play the game. I didn't think 
that's what ham radio was about.

It appears there is no point in running APRSDroid if the only ones that 
can 'see' me are on -IS, and gosh forbid I should be wasting bandwidth 
with my radio setup spewing full NEMA sentences, especially since all I 
can do right now is run tracking only.

Perhaps I will just put my inefficient, bandwidth wasting APRS gear away 
for now and find something else to do.

Sorry if this seems a bit sour, but it is just the feeling get from some 
of the replies I have gotten here.

Eric K9LGE

On 01/24/2011 04:27 PM, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> APRSISCE/32 which currently only supports gating
>> messages for recently heard local stations from
>> -IS to RF.  I do plan to implement filtered
>> additional gating with both burst (per minute) and
>> sustained (per 10 minutes) throttle limits...
> For what purpose? SPAM generator?think it shouls
> Maybe "filtered" is the operative word?
> We need to avoid encouraging IGate ego-ops that the local channel needs to
> be spewing out lots of packets from out of area to fill up some quota per
> minute...
> there is perhap
>> Others will have to weigh in on what their
>> preferred IGate software supports as far as
>> additional -IS to RF IGate configurations and imits.
> Though I do see the value in things like:
> * A balloon event or other special event callsign from far away
> * local favorite sons who travel a lot
> I'd rather see that energy put into maintaining the local tactical picture
> of everything LOCALLY in HAM RADIO going on.  One shouldn't have to bring in
> outside QRM to fill the channel.  Within range of almost EVERY digi there
> are these things going on:
> 1) APRS mobiles
> 2) APRS WX
> 3) Local Freq Objects (evy 10 min direct)
> 4) Local NETS on the air
> 5) Local Meetings (and topic)
> 6) Planned Hamfest objects
> 7) Special event future objects
> 8) An FM AMSAT in view every hour or so
> 9) The schedule of the next 80 minutes of AMSATS
> 10) Echolink or IRLP links that are up now
> 11) Traffic accidents and slow downs
> And many of these should only go one hop. Max. in active areas.
> Bob, Wb4APR
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