[aprssig] GPS possible disruption SE US Jan 20 - Feb 22

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Or if you have an Android device you can download Lat Long Calc from the Android Market.  It converts DD.DDD, DDMM.MM, DDMMSS, UTM and Maidenhead back and forth.  Will also show you on a map where a point is.

Disclaimer:  I wrote Lat Long Calc but it is free so I hope this isn't considered commercial spam.


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>... I was looking for the coordinates that I could understand ...
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I often say that... "Can you explain that in terms I know?" (;-)

304906N = 30.4906 Deg North

0802811W = 80.2811 Deg West

Google maps finds it A-OK.

If you'd like it, I have an Excel spreadsheet that does conversions between all forms of these.  That is:
1 - Degrees.decimal   (As shown above) 
2 - Degrees,  Minutes.decimal
3 - Degrees,  Minutes,  Seconds.decimal

Contact via my web site or MYCALL at arrl.net

73, Steve, K9DCI   USN (Vet)  MOT (Ret)  Ham (Yet)

More Details, Features and Downloads at:


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