[aprssig] AVRS Online

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 21 10:15:44 EST 2011

>> You will not see them until your local 
>> CLIENT recognizes items-in-messages.

> But the AVRS server isn't sending an item 
> in a message. It sends a message to the
> person making the inquiry, and then sends 
> an item... but not in a message. Perhaps
> it will do that in the future.

Yes, I think that John is still working out the details. You are correct
that the current format is not an Item-in-message, but I suggest that it can
go ahead and be presented in that format at no cost and the info is still
conveyed to the reader.

2011-01-21 02:05:00 UTC:
:VE7GDH-10:146.680MHz T0.00 IRLP#1020 18.70 miles{11

That one, I think, should be converted to ITEM format as I suggested
yesterday (though using the ")" instead of the";" which you are correct was
wrong.  John, I'd suggest this format:

:VE7GDH-10:)146.680*T000 Rxxm 19 mi NW{11

Indicating the range of the repeater is xx miles and it is located 19 miles
to the Northwest.  For now, the IRLP and Echolink data base does not yet
have the estimated range of each repeater.  We will have to ask them to
include it for us.

2011-01-21 02:05:00 UTC:
:)IRLP#1020!4854.10N/12350.71Wn146.680MHz T0.00 IRLP#1020 18.70 miles

The simultaneous ITEM on the APRS-IS is a dupe for the benefit of the
APRS-IS but does no harm.  Though I would prefer to see the standard RANGE
format and the TONE to be in the correct T000 format.  Also, no need to
repeat the IRLP number since it is in the name.  Also, no need for more than
2 digits of precision in the distance...

2011-01-21 03:28:43 UTC:
:WB4APR-9 :VOICE CALL from VE7GDH-10, PSE QSY 145.555MHz T0  {16

and I received...

2011-01-21 03:28:43 UTC:
::VE7GDH-10:CALL WB4APR-9 on 145.130MHz T100 EL node 148561{17

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