[aprssig] AVRS Online

Max Harper kg4pid at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 20 20:51:49 EST 2011

Bob wrote
"You will not see them until your local CLIENT recognizes items-in-messages.
This is part of APRS1.2 for several years, but it is slow to be implemented
by authors because it is a chicken-egg problem.  Until the demand of AVRS,
there was little incentive on authors to update their clients with this new
But I'm only being sent one message, not two. Aprs.fi and Findu.com show two objects. When I queried the AVRS server I got...
:AVRS     :?
:KG4PID-13:146.960MHz T107 EL#523154 22.76 miles{6
:AVRS     :ack6
Should I not have received two messages then? One for each object. Somehow Aprs.fi and Findu.com got two.

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