[aprssig] OpenAPRS for iPhone 2.3.1 Released

Gregory A. Carter gcarter at openaprs.net
Fri Jan 21 00:04:19 EST 2011

Hi All,

I just thought I would drop a note about the new version of OpenAPRS
for iPhone (2.3.1) that is now available in the Apple App Store.  This
new version contains the following feature enhancements that may be of

- Added push notification support; once registered for push
notifications with the SSID of your choice any messages received via
APRS-IS (either igated from RF or direct) will be displayed as an
alert regardless of whether the OpenAPRS app is open or not.  This
should be a marked improvement of APRS use on iPhone and will continue
to help support the global APRS messaging initiative.  Never miss a
message because the app is not currently running.

- OpenAPRS for iPhone now supports iOS 4 background support and can
beacon position reports on an interval while the app is in the
background (i.e. you can have other apps open and still beacon on a
trip).  Play your favorite tunes, your favorite game or just have the
device in your pocket and OpenAPRS will continue to beacon your
position until instructed to stop by bringing it to the foreground and
turning off automatic beaconing.  This new functionality while on a
minimum interval timer will only beacon on significant position
changes and only after the interval between beacons has been reached
(e.g. 2 minutes).  This helps keep the battery draw on the device
lower, however there will be a greater draw with background beaconing
enabled overall.

- APRS messages are now automatically stored locally in the app when
downloaded instead of having to be downloaded every time.  This allows
you to review your APRS messages even if you don't have an Internet

- All packets originating from the OpenAPRS system have the
destination target set to: APOA00

The minimum requirement is running iOS 4.2 or higher on the device so
to get the update or purchase the app you must be running iOS 4.2+.
An iPad version will be released very shortly with the same new

As always I'd be happy to hear any comments or suggestions either on
list or off.


OpenAPRS iPhone Edition

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