[aprssig] AVRS Online

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 20 20:18:04 EST 2011

> How are Aprs.fi and Findu.com getting these AVRS 
> objects but they are not sent to me.

You will not see them until your local CLIENT recognizes items-in-messages.
This is part of APRS1.2 for several years, but it is slow to be implemented
by authors because it is a chicken-egg problem.  Until the demand of AVRS,
there was little incentive on authors to update their clients with this new

IGates, however, should work as is, because the "object" is actually
embedded in a message which the IGate already knows how to handle.  But the
RF clients will need to recognize them.  Even for clients that do not
implement it, the  user can still read the needed data in a message.

Comment:  The format for the "item" in the message seems to not quite yet
match the item-in-to format.  For that format the message text would be (I

   ;146.960*T107 R30m EL#523154 23mi NW{6

Where the R30m is the repeaters own claimed range, and the 23mi NW is the
AVRS engine's assessment of the range and bearing to it from the users

If I got that wrong, lemme know.

Bob, Wb4APR

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I was playing with the new AVRS server and noticed a few things. First, when
I send a"?" to the AVRS server I get this.
KG4PID-13>APU25N,TCPIP*::AVRS     :?


:KG4PID-13:146.960MHz T107 EL#523154 22.76 miles{6

KG4PID-13>APU25N,TCPIP*::AVRS     :ack6
When I look at the map on Aprs.fi there are two objects that appear,
"IRLP#8003" and "EL#523154" although "EL#523154" is hidden by "IRLP#8003"
since they are at the same exact location. I have to click on INFO to see
that there is a second object.
On Findu.com in the list of stations near me I see both in the list although
when I click on either one of them (or any object) I get "Sorry, no position
known for xx" where xx is the object name.
In Ui-View32 I get a message for the Echo Link node but nothing for the IRLP
node.. No objects appear at the node location and I don't see anything come
in thru the TCP/IP connection for these objects.
How is Aprs.fi and Findu.com getting these objects but they are not sent to
me. My server filters should not be blocking these objects and I do get
others objects. The call sign used is KG4PID-13 and I am currectly connected
to T2WESTTN and my filter is "filter m/150 f/K4SRC-2/150 f/KE4LTT/150
f/KF4AUM-2/100 f/KF4ERV-4/50".
Thanks, Max KG4PID

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