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Max Harper kg4pid at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 20 19:52:39 EST 2011

I was playing with the new AVRS server and noticed a few things. First, when I send a"?" to the AVRS server I get this.
:AVRS     :?
:KG4PID-13:146.960MHz T107 EL#523154 22.76 miles{6
:AVRS     :ack6
When I look at the map on Aprs.fi there are two objects that appear, "IRLP#8003" and "EL#523154" although "EL#523154" is hidden by "IRLP#8003" since they are at the same exact location. I have to click on INFO to see that there is a second object.
On Findu.com in the list of stations near me I see both in the list although when I click on either one of them (or any object) I get "Sorry, no position known for xx" where xx is the object name.
In Ui-View32 I get a message for the Echo Link node but nothing for the IRLP node.. No objects appear at the node location and I don't see anything come in thru the TCP/IP connection for these objects.
How is Aprs.fi and Findu.com getting these objects but they are not sent to me. My server filters should not be blocking these objects and I do get others objects. The call sign used is KG4PID-13 and I am currectly connected to T2WESTTN and my filter is "filter m/150 f/K4SRC-2/150 f/KE4LTT/150 f/KF4AUM-2/100 f/KF4ERV-4/50".
Thanks, Max KG4PID

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