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--- On Sun, 1/16/11, Greg D. wrote:
>...  my BC-17 (came with my Kenwood TH-F6A, but works with the D7 too)...
  My (fairly old)  F6 came with a higher current unit that will supply the Tx current.  Too bad I blew it up (connector rested on some coins) and haven't repaired it yet. I an surprised a 70ma charger came with this radio since the Li-ion battery wants more current than that when charging. My D7 came with a 70 ma charger.  So it looks like Kenwood has changed it's mind over the years.

>  I believe the D7 stops charging the battery when it's turned on, ...

No.  The charging circuit is still connected to the external power jack and, therefore, is still charging the battery _IF_ the external supply can supply what it is asked to.  However, it is also supplying the radio fully and will choke if asked to supply more than it can.

>... using drop-in desk chargers, with the charger attaching to the battery directly.  Those tend to give you a lot of hum on your signal (PL of 60hz anyone?), however, and aren't very portable. 

  This 'hum' tells us that they are to be used *only* for charging the battery.  They either are poorly filtered simple supplies or sophisticated chargers using pulsed current to do things like sense the battery voltage with no charging current to assess the level of charge.

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> > The D7 has a rather anemic (60mA?) wall wart - it can't even charge
> > the battery if the receiver+TNC are on.
> >
> > Maybe the D72 has this same "feature"?
> Yes, the supplied adapter is rated for .65A (er, 650mA) and the D7's 
> BC-17 is .7A ... neither are good enough to TX while charging.
> /jordan 
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