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Greg D. ko6th_greg at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 16 14:50:46 EST 2011

Mmmm, my BC-17 (came with my Kenwood TH-F6A, but works with the D7 too) says it puts out 70ma (0.07A), and I can confirm that I cannot transmit on high power on my D7 with it connected.  The radio and TNC reset.  I can transmit on low power, however.

I got my D7 second-hand, but it came with a Kenwood AC Adapter that's rated at 13.8v at 0.65A (650ma).  Not sure of the part number (it's not labeled like the BC-17), but I CAN transmit with this one on high power.  I tend to bring the BC-17 when traveling, as it's smaller and a lot lighter.

I believe the D7 stops charging the battery when it's turned on, so you're operating from just the AC Adapter.  The only setups that seem to leave the battery connected when charging are the ones using drop-in desk chargers, with the charger attaching to the battery directly.  Those tend to give you a lot of hum on your signal (PL of 60hz anyone?), however, and aren't very portable. 

Greg  KO6TH

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> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Thd72a power
> > The D7 has a rather anemic (60mA?) wall wart - it can't even charge
> > the battery if the receiver+TNC are on.
> >
> > Maybe the D72 has this same "feature"?
> Yes, the supplied adapter is rated for .65A (er, 650mA) and the D7's 
> BC-17 is .7A ... neither are good enough to TX while charging.
> /jordan 
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