[aprssig] TNC2 FoxDigi - COM problem

alexandru yo2ldk at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 15 01:05:07 EST 2011

hi for all, 
 i make 2 pcs. TNC with PIC16F88 after FOX DIGI schematic, and MAX232 for serial 
  When I try to connect with ui-view, fail, I look frame error on com 1; if 
I give the command display, show me the settings after a few seconds.
 So there is a delay on the RX line, because if I connect the 
modem, my message appears instantly "Modemless ....."  that's why I can not make 
any connection in the UI-View, I guess.
 has anyone encountered this symptom?

I tried a USB 2 COM adapter, in this case, I only show strange characters in 
terminal line.
just happens to mention that both TNC, the scheme is fair, just and hardware

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