[aprssig] SSTV module

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Jan 14 16:34:20 EST 2011

> Yeah, I know the physical camera is on a daughter board but I meant give it a second one, a translation board.  Your main board stays the same but you create some kind of electronic shim between the camera board and your main board.  That way no matter what module you get or how it behaves you can create the interface needed to go to your main MCU.  It would be a triple stack board.
> I'm just thinking out loud since that's what I usually do for weird hardware that I'm trying to interface and may not be able to get identical parts in the future.  I just make shims and let the shim handle whatever translation is needed.

In this case the design is simple enough that it'd probably make more 
sense (and keep things simpler) to do a new board.  The processor that 
does the SSTV encoding is actually one of the less expensive parts in 
the design, and the PCB tooling cost isn't that high.


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