[aprssig] Sending objects to RF via APRS-IS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 7 19:00:37 EST 2011

>> My question is, how do I properly structure an 
>> Object and send it via APRS-IS such that a 
>> Tx-enabled I-Gate will broadcast that object...

> You don't.  There is no way to "causes the local 
> I-Gate to send" anything at all.  

But in APRS1.2 we have defined what we call ITEM-IN-MESSAGE
format.  It DOES let you send an object within a message to a
particular station.  This feature is exactly for the purpose you
desire.  The AVRS system will respond with such an object so
that the messaged-station gets the FREQ-object info on his

You can SEND it now.  The Igate WILL send it out to RF.  But
until APRS clients and radios begin recognizing it, it more or
less falls on the ground.  But please begin sending it.  See

Then I can convince YeaWood to include it.


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