[aprssig] Sending objects to RF via APRS-IS

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Fri Jan 7 17:43:11 EST 2011

John Gorkos wrote:
> My question is, how do I properly structure an Object and send it via APRS-IS 
> such that a Tx-enabled I-Gate will broadcast that object on the air?  What are 
> the logical steps an IGate will go through to figure out if an object it hears 
> on APRS-IS should generate an RF-transmit?

You don't.  There is no way to "causes the local I-Gate to send" 
anything at all.  Even a "properly configured" bi-direction IGate will 
only transmit what the IGate operator has configured it to transmit.  In 
most cases, the IGates will only transmit messages for stations that 
they have "recently" heard "local" to the IGate.  And the only thing 
that fits that category would be an "Item-In-Message" 
(http://www.aprs.org/aprs12/item-in-msg.txt) that (AFAIK) only 
APRSISCE/32 interprets and displays.

> Incidentally, the AVRS server is periodically on-line as I work through it.  
> If you feel like pinging it, send a "?" to destination "AVRS".  Right now, it 
> only returns EchoLink nodes, but IRLP should be added in a day or so (kudos to 
> both Jonathon and David for being so accomodating with my requests).

Do you have a way to query EchoLink and/or IRLP node status within a 
geographical range?  I'd like to add that capability directly in my 
APRSISCE/32 client.  Right now, in the current development version as of 
about 2 days ago, it pulls the entire node_location.xml from 
echolink.org and runs it through a filter before putting the repeater 
objects onto the screen.

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