[aprssig] aprs101a milestone

Rick WIdmer yahoo at rickwidmer.com
Mon Jan 3 01:03:28 EST 2011

Wb4APR:  Please be sure to read the note to Bob near the end...

For those who have not yet heard, I am compiling what I currently call 
aprs101a.pdf.  This will be a document that combines 
aprs.org/doc/APRS101.PDF and aprs.org/aprs101.html into a single 
document.  It should be a one-stop document showing the current state of 
the 1.1 version of the APRS specification.

It is still a long ways from completion.  So far I have finished merging 
web pages into the document.  The current counts are:

     202 web pages from aprs.org
      82 broken links in aprs.org pages
       9 web pages from 5 other sites
    1080 pages of letter size paper
     188 sections

I expect the page count to shrink quite a bit as I apply proper 
formatting to the document, and remove duplicate information.

The first file I am releasing is a list of all the web pages I have 
added, and how they are linked together on the web.  The link appears 
below, followed by a description of what it contains.

The list can be described as  aprs11.html, everything it links to, and 
pretty much all the links in those pages until there are no more 
links...  unless I thought something clearly did not belong in the 
specification.  I am avoiding decisions on what to add, and just putting 
most everything in.  There is certainly too much included, but I am 
working from the assumption that it will be easier to trim than add 
later on.

My next project is to work on formatting with emphasis on making sure 
that the table of contents and outline view are valid.  Then I will drag 
things around in outline view for a while.  Hopefully by the time that 
is done, I will have info on the broken links currently in the 
specification, and I can merge a few more web pages before I upload the 
first preview.

I am assuming it will be fairly easy to get Bob to allow the use of 
content from the aprs.org web site, but it is necessary to get 
permission from the owners of the pages found in "Files added from other 
web sites" starting about page 92 of the manifest before the full 
document can be released.

If you are the owner of:  wa8lmf.net, www.wxsvr.net, www.aprs-is.net, 
core.aprs.net, www.aprs2.net I will be  asking for permission to add 
parts of your web site to the APRS specification.  Well not the 
specification itself, since your pages are already linked into the 
specification, but the new combined document I am working on.

My list of web pages added to aprs101.pdf to create aprs101a.pdf so far 
can be found here:


Inside that file you will find records like:


PC2satgateA.txt *



       See ‘Error! Reference source not found.’ on page Error!
       Bookmark not defined..

    Referenced From:

    Links merged into this document:

    Broken links-- left out:

       11 JUL 2006


Each section is named after a web page that has been added - 
PC2satgateA.txt in this example.

Reference - This is the text that replaces existing links to this page. 
  They are broken in this extract, but work properly in the full document.

Referenced From - These web pages have links pointing to the current web 

Links merged into this document - links in this web page that have been 
merged into the document.

Links to external web pages - Links that remain pointing to the web.

Broken links – corrected - Hitting this link fails, but I was able to 
identify and include the content.

Broken links – removed - Hitting this link fails, so leave it out of the 

Links intentionally left our of this document - For some reason I chose 
not to include this web page.

Most of the file name only entries (like  astars.html) are links within 
this document.  Those that are complete web addresses (like 
http://satgate.aprsca.net) are links to the Internet.  Both are 
click-able in both .doc and .pdf versions.  At least most of them.  The 
others are bugs...  There is no need reporting them yet.

On the other hand suggestions on things that should be left out, or 
things I left out that should be added are welcome.

Bob: Please search through this document for the word 'broken'.  This 
will show you all the broken links I've found on aprs.org.  Hopefully 
you can use this to fix or remove them fairly soon.  If so, please keep 
a list of the original URL and and correct URL for any pages you can 
find the proper target, as well as the URL of links you decide to remove 
from your site.  That will make syncing the web site and document much 
easier for me...

If you don't have time to update your site now, a list of any updated 
URLS you know off the top of your head would be helpful...

Many of the broken links are pages from either www.ew.usna.edu or 
web.usna.navy.mil.  I found a few correlations but there are many more 
that I don't have a valid link for.

Rick  KD7VKZ

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