[aprssig] Allstar VOIP systems?

Jim Alles kb3tbx at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 22:17:49 EST 2011

Does anyone know enough about this system (from their APRS mobile
background) that could comment on tis viability compared to our lack of
progress with IRLP, Echolink or Dstar?


No.  But I'll put my two cents in anyway.

Asterisk <http://www.asterisk.org/> is a mature, Unix based open-source
Private Branch eXchange.  It does analog and VOIP call switching, voice
mail, and all of the bells and whistles associated with a commercial
busines-grade phone system.  It is supported by turn-key providers and more
than one hardware manufacturer (for phone & RF ports), and there are several

I was intrigued by using it as a repeater
but baffled.  I wasn't sure of the application.

I don't see any reason why it can't treat a call sign as a phone number.  I
think I get it.

Jim A.
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