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Fredric Moses fred at moses.bz
Sat Feb 26 18:32:06 EST 2011

I just checked the list to see who was listed at the MI coordinator..  I checked findu.com for his callsign as it didn't look familiar and don't see any stations on his callsign.  Guess I am as good as anybody to give the report for Michigan here, Mike KB8ZGL can give his report for the GrandRapids side of the state. Myself and Randy WF5X have been the ones actively building out aprs infrastructure here in Michigan for the past 6-8 years.  To help with looking at where packets are going we started converting some of our digi/igates to locality names. We just did it on a few here first and are going to deploy as wide as possible soon. It will help me get back a few of my callsign ssid's to boot.

98% of our digi's are -n enabled.  we have a few digis stuck on relay/wide that pop up and go back down just as quick as they come up. I tried to email the one that i see come on and off here every few weeks.. but no reply from the person.  We also seem to have 2-3 stations north east of metro detroit that have mobiles set to relay,wide,wide and they posit every 30seconds.. We have tried to inform them to the new standard and ask if they can push there posit times up to 1-2 mins while they are running.. but it also has fell on deaf ears.

Not all digi's are posting objects.  We have just started updating all the digi's that we can as time allows.. For areas where I don't know the local repeaters I have been finding the listed ARES repeater and using that.  The same goes for IRLP / ECHOLINK objects.  it's not 100% but we are working on that.

Coverage wise has come along way over the past few years. 
I75 from the south of the state to the north boarder in the Soo has only one drop out hole.  I have a tower site that will fill but need to get equipment and time to drive up and install it.  If it doesn't fill the whole hole. will need another spot. but it's workable..
I96 from detroit to the west side of the state has full coverage for mobiles..  
I69 from port huron to marshall has coverage..  south of marshall needs to be built out through coldwater to the state line.
I94 from port huron to Michigan city has 3 "drop out zones" we have secured tower space in the one drop out spot west of ann arbor and in jackson.  
We have a spot to put a fill in wide1-1 in ann arbor which will open up once the antenna is free of it's voice repeater here in the next month. 

We are continuing to build out coverage off the interstates this year as well.  We figured we would try and cover interstates first..

Not sure what counts as being the official coordinator but I am working on getting the old miaprs.net site back up and working.. ZGL gave me the hosting information and I started to build out it.. But time is always a factor..

Fredric Moses - W8FSM
fred at moses.bz

On Feb 26, 2011, at 11:00 AM, Bob Bruninga wrote:

> If your state is broken, please take initiative to fix it.
> This site has a list of coordinators:
> http://aprs.org/txt/aprs-arrl-coords.txt
> Work with him to get these digi's fixed.
> THe following states have no-one listed...
> Alaska
> Delaware
> Florida
> Indiana
> Kansas
> Maine
> Cape Cod
> Minnesota
> Nebraska
> New Hempshire
> New Jersey
> New Mexico
> New York
> North Carolina
> North Dakota
> Oklahoma
> Pennsylvania       EPA
> Rhode Island
> South Dakota
> Texas
> Vermont
> Virginia
> West Virginia
> Bob, WB4APR
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