[aprssig] State APRS Coordinator REPORT!

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 26 11:35:53 EST 2011

The job of an APRS state coordinator (or anyone that wants to fix this mess) is to LOOK at every digipeater in his state (or ARRL section)(using FINDU.COM, APRS.FI, OpenAPRS or whatever) and to determine, in priority order:

1) *Is the digi New-N compatible?
2) *Is it outputting the local FREQ objects?
3) Are IRLP and Echolink objects showing up?

One way I have found to do this is to start with a known digi on FINDU.COM. THen use the STATIONS-NEAR link.  Look down that list for ALL FREQUENCY objects -and- all other digis.  THen move from digi-to-digi throughout the state (or section). 

You should find at least ONE FREQ OBJECT "near" EVERY DIGI.  CHeck it out and it should be being SOURCED by that digi itself (not a home station).  EVERY DIGI should have a voice Freq object recommendation for EVERY mobile that is passing through its area.

THis is simple, only takes a few minutes, and QUICKLY builds a list of what digipeaters NEED new BEACONS.

Setting up those beacons is on www.aprs.org/localinfo.html

If the digi is not New-N, then see how-to on:

THings that flag obsolete digis are!
1) DOes not have a S or P or 1 overlay,
2) NO PHG data 
3) Text does not begin with W2, SSn-N, ...
4) Freqs in digi (They should be in separate FREQ OBJ)
5) If FREQ is in text, it MUST be in 1st 10 bytes FFF.FFFMHz format) 
6) No FREQ objects near digis
7) Any reference to WRT (Wide relay-trace)
8) Home stations should NOT BE ORIGINATING FREQ Objects.  We thank them for trying, but these info objects should rightly be sourced at the digi. HUGE difference in reliability and QRM reduction.  See the localinfo web page.

9) The digi In Most ALl congested APRS areas should never use a WIDE2-2 path for its own beacon.  (Ill address this in another email)

I'd like to call for a REPORT from EVERY State coordinator.  NOthing detailed, just a confirmation that SOMEONE is working the problem...  Please report
1) you're working the problem
2) The total number of digis in the state (section)
3) The number of "S", "P" and "1" and other types
4) An assessment of implementation of FREQ objects.

These things are never going to get fixed unless someone is actively PUSHING the issue.


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