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Hi Guys


I have had several email exchanges with Jean Paul, F6SDM, the Sysop for F6KPH, regarding its crossband operations. I am sorry to say that he and the committee of Radio Club Tarbes see no reason to stop the crossbanding of 1200bd APRS from VHF and UHF frequencies. Jean Paul mistakenly relates APRS to the old Packet network where nodes were interconnected using various bands. The same protocols may be used on both systems but there the similarity ends.


Today, 26th March, in a few hours I have logged 30 stations being crossbanded by F6KPH but other than their beacons there has been no communication with any stations on 30m or between any of them as far as I can tell. So what is the point I ask?


Better news regarding HB9MM. The Sysop Christophe, HB9TJM, advises me that HB9MM does not crossband 2m universally. Because of the high remote location of the station it necessary to gain access to the station via 2m for test purposes.


However with F6KPH continuing to crossband, HB9MM and some other stations are of little consequence. The 30m band is ideal for APRS and if it is thought that Net14 should have a 30m fall back frequency I would suggest that as of 1st March we should QSY to 10.146,5 MHz LSB (+ 510Hz for AGWPE) or 10.143,1 MHz USB (- 510Hz for AGWPE). I have monitored the frequency from time to time and it seems clear of any regular operations. Hopefully some of the Net14 operators that run digis on 30m will QSY.


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