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Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Feb 20 23:18:16 EST 2011

Can anyone turn this in to a killer APRS mobile devce?


>> I just purchased an Insignia Infocast from 
>> Best Buy, they are on sale for $79.99.

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>Subject: Re: Best Buy 8" Insignia Infocast  
>As a follow-up, I have now fired this device up.  I could not get it to
>connect to my main DLink wireless router, but I hooked up a newer
>Linksys router, and it connected OK.  Both setup for WEP, since I have
>some older laptops that do not do WPA.
>I then downloaded and unzipped the Web browser (based on QT) onto a USB
>drive (about 55MB).  Then, I rebooted the Infocast, and connected a USB
>keyboard to the other USB port.  I was able to browse the web OK.  It is
>a bit of a pain to use a combination of the keyboard and touchscreen, as
>no mouse is used.  But, it does work.
>Since QT works OK, maybe we could build and install an SDR app??
>On 2/15/2011 2:37 AM, Terry Fox wrote:
>> I just purchased an Insignia Infocast from Best Buy, they are on sale
>> for $79.99.
>> This is an "Internet Media Display" that (funny thing) displays
>> pictures, streaming video, audio, etc from the Internet or from
>> plugged-in memory cards.
>> The neat thing is that it has an 8" 800x600 color touch-screen
>> display, an 800MHz processor, 2GB of storage RAM, digital media card
>> readers, Wifi, and two USB connections.  It apparently runs "Chumby",
>> a version of Linux 2.6.  Alas, unhacked it runs on AC power only, and
>> the electronics is in a large hump on the back, so it's no tablet.
>> There is info on the web to add a web browser (with external USB
>> kybd), and get a ssh.  I imagine more hacks are out there as well.
>> I originally got it for the TFT LCD display with touchscreen and power
>> supply, but it may be too cool/useful to rip apart.  At $80, a decent
>> buy, maybe even a "Best Buy".
>> Terry, WB4JFI
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