[aprssig] Garmin NUVI & messaging?

Ev Batey WA6CRE efb at cotdazr.org
Sat Feb 12 14:00:02 EST 2011

Does nuvi 360 play same as 350 leaving bread crum trail?
Wish my GPS-V had a big screen, eyes age 67.

de Everett WA6CRE-10, Oxnard

On Feb 2, 2011, at 09:44, Keith VE7GDH wrote:
> Earl KD5XB wrote...
>> I wonder if this will work with the Garmin 465t -- do you know?
> I don't know. There are many FMI capable GPS receivers from Garmin
> in the Nuvi line. As far as I know, the 350 is the only one that  
> properly
> handles deletion of waypoints so e.g. a mobile station doesn't leave a
> breadcrumb trail of waypoints. The non-350 Nuvis have the "breadcrumb"
> problem. If the 465t has FMI, there's a good chance it could be used  
> for
> controlling a Tracker 2 (OT2m, T2-301 or T2-135) and for sending
> and receiving messages, but for viewing other APRS stations on the
> map view of the GPS receiver, the 350 is the one to get. I grabbed  
> three
> of them while they were still available.
> If you have a 465t (and it is FMI capable), I would suggest finding
> someone that is using a T2 with an FMI cable and ask if you could try
> your GPS receiver connected to their cable.
> Or just do a search. I searched for "Garmin 465t FMI OT2m" (without  
> the
> quotes) and right away found a link to...
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tracker2/message/11767
> I do read the Tracker 2 list all of the time, but didn't recall that  
> the 465t
> had recently been mentioned there. It looks like the answer is that  
> the T2s
> can't upload received position reports as waypoints to the 465t.
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
> --

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