[aprssig] Setting up a KPC-3+ as a tracker

Andre v Schaijk aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Wed Feb 9 11:44:46 EST 2011

Op 9-2-2011 17:30, Kent Hufford schreef:
> I need to install a KPC-3+ with an Alinco mobile. The KPC-3+ is already
> wired to the
> Alinco thru the KPC-3+ RADIO DB9. So, I need to install the GPS thru a
> DB25-DB9 adapter
> on the KPC-3+ COMPUTER port.
> I have been looking on lots of great APRS web sites for all the KPC-3+
> settings. So
> far, all I have found are settings to make the KPC-3+ into a digi, or iGATE,
> or using the
> TNC with the GPS connected to the RADIO port on the 3+.
> Since the radio to TNC is already wired, and there is no plan to connect a
> laptop to the
> computer port on the TNC, just need a plain installation example.
> thanks in advance
> Kent
I am wondering if the KPC 3+ is even usefull as tracker, if I remember 
right all they did was filter the nmea strings from the gps and feed 
that to the UI frames.
nmea trackers have a tendancy to overload the frequentie with their long 
frames, especialy when using the long paths and or high rates.

Andre PE1RDW

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