[aprssig] How The FCC Plans To Destroy GPS - A Simple Explanation

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 7 19:51:51 EST 2011

A few of the Wiki  links provide good support. I keep finding things I want to change, but here's my first draft.

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  In its blind push to achieve universal broadband access, last month the FCC has again demonstrated extremely poor, if any at all, technical judgment by authorizing LightSquared a waiver to spectrum that will cause harm to the GPS service not at all unlike the technically unsound  Access BPL fiasco.  This allows high power land based transmitters on spectrum that is reserved for RNSS (Radio Navigation Satellite Services).  This type of interference would make GPS devices useless in the vicinity of these transmitters.

  Companies that provide global positioning systems opposed the FCC waiver.  On January 19 of this year representatives of the GPS industry presented members of the Federal Communications Commission with clear, strong laboratory evidence of interference with the GPS signal by this system  -- which the FCC  International Bureau Chief Mindel De La Torre appeared to completely ignore. 

  In addition, the NTIA told the FCC that several federal agencies including Homeland Security are concerned that LightSquared's satellite-terrestrial system will interfere with government communications services.  In a Jan. 12 letter to the FCC, NTIA chief Lawrence Strickling said that LightSquared's hybrid mobile broadband services raise "significant interference concerns." 

  Please request from the FCC information regarding the analysis of possible GPS interference by this system and demand that independent analysis be performed to determine the validity of same.

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On January 26, 2011, The Federal Communications Commission granted LightSquared’s Request for Modification of its Authority for an Ancillary Terrestrial Component.  The FCC sees LightSquared's plan as a way to introduce more competition into the market for high-speed wireless Internet services. 




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