[aprssig] Orlando Hamcation Feb11-13 (travelers)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 4 13:36:33 EST 2011

> The Orlando Hamcation is just a week away... 

Checking the ham radio tactical situation in Orlando, (http://aprs.fi enter
Orlando, FL)), there does not appear to be any hamfest.  The only hamfests
showing to mobile operators this month are 2 in PuertoRico, 1 in Japan and 1
in Ontario.
(See: http://map.find.com/hfest* )

Although there is no Hamfest showing in Orlando, there are some other good
objects visible to mobile operators:
- 147.730  recommended traveler repeater downtown
- 147.120  recommended traveler repeater NW
- 442.525  recommended traveler repeater NE
- 443.525  voice repeater at the International Airport for HT travelers
- Two winlink nodes on 145.07 
- IRLP node 4904 near Executive Airport
- 443.1375 D-star repeater in the Northwest
- 443.625  D-star repeater downtown
- 1291.3   D-star near Executive Airport
- 1285     D-star repeater

The other resource objects that might be useful for visitors could be:

* HFEST-ORL showing the location, date and talk-in frequency
* Object showing the Recommended Local Echolink node
* Object showing the location of any HAM stores in the area
* Any other important resources for visitors or locals

Then on the day of the event, other useful information objects might be:
* AMSAT chat channel frequency
* ATV chat frequency
* DX chat frequency, etc
* Announcements about events and times

Remember, there are now 8 models of APRS ham radios and many add-on kits
that can flash this information to the mobile operator or HT on his front
panel or heads-up display; and 3 of them can auto-tune instantly to the
FREQ, TONE, and shift of any such object seen.  This really provides the
mobile operator traveling to a hamfest all the information he needs as he
approaches the event.

Such info and auto-tuning is also helpful in the dozens of cities, towns and
repeaters they pass along the way to get there.

With almost all repeaters these days having PL or CTCSS, it is hard to just
play radio along the way.  The APRS Frequency objects for radio
front-panel-display were designed to solve this invisibility problem.

Anyone with a TNC can put one of these LOCAL objects on the air.  See the
formats: www.aprs.org/localinfo.html

And someone PLEASE put the HFEST-ORL on the map:  See

And consider placing an http://aprs.fi  map in front of the talk-in operator
so that he can SEE where all the lost souls are out there driving around.

Helping the mobile ham traveler is what it is all about.

Bob, Wb4APR

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