[aprssig] Fwd: Old radio repair (OT)

Tom Schaefer, NY4I ny4i at arrl.net
Thu Feb 3 14:07:57 EST 2011

A direct reply the rest of the group may be interested in…I guess Mr. Poortinga has a difference level of deference to Bob that I do.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Bob Poortinga <aprssig at k9sql.us>
> Date: February 3, 2011 1:49:31 PM EST
> To: Tom Schaefer NY4I <ny4i at arrl.net>
> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Old radio repair (OT)
>> I don't know about the rest of you but to me if Bob WB4APR wants to ask us
>> the best way to grow "roses in winter" I say it is on-topic.
> And you would be wrong!  The name of the list is the APRS SIG list,
> not the Bob Bruninga Fan Club list.
> Please take a look at:
> <https://www.tapr.org/mailman/listinfo/aprssig>.
> It says "Mailing list for general APRS-related postings."
> 73 de
> -- 
> Bob Poortinga  K9SQL
> Bloomington, IN  US

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