[aprssig] Old radio repair (OT)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Feb 2 19:25:22 EST 2011

Is there any value in trying to get an old TS-430S HF radio repaired?  I've never sent a radio in for repair in my life, and this one is so old, probably bought in 1980, that I doubt they even have parts.  Plus cost of repair would probably be more than the radio is worth.  

It works on AM, but on USB, LSB, CW and FM, the freq display is blank.  All other knobs seem to function.

Sorry to ask here, but I donno any other group of tech-savy hams to ask.  After 18 years of APRS and PC's, im trying to dig-out and power-up the shack to get back to radio.


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