[aprssig] aprs-udp update

Andre aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Thu Dec 29 19:55:13 EST 2011

Op 29-12-2011 22:09, Andre schreef:
> APRS-IS has always been a a semi one way network with gating back to 
> RF only for messages and the posit going with it without any controll 
> over the paths, to give the internet client controll over the path 
> needs an ax25 aware network, not a text network.
> My aprs-udp proposal does just that and is backwards compatable with 
> aprs-is because it is a seperate network where aprs-is packets only 
> show up trough an igate the same way as it does on RF.
> a quick summery for those that have missed it or keep rejecting it 
> without giving as much as a explanation.
> APRS-UDP is AXUDP based making it 100% ax25 compatable, making the 
> need for 3th party formating unneeded other then for igates sending 
> aprs-is to aprs-udp.
> packets from APRS-UDP are ONLY send to RF on the call of the gateway 
> in the digipath.
> packets from RF are always send to APRS-UDP.
> the gateways use full digipeater dupe checking.
> Clients select the needed local gate either manualy or preferably 
> automaticly based on location.
> APRS-UDP can be implemented right now, no need to write or update new 
> igate software.
> APRS-UDP uses DigiNed and axipd on linux or agwpepro on windows making 
> it crossplatform.
> APRS-UDP can limit the path lengths and tx rate (dupe checking) as 
> needed by the sysop.
> APRS-UDP can filter out abusers.
> APRS-UDP can also be used to bridge between 2 areas without effecting 
> any areas in between.
> Best of all, APRS-UDP does not need the specs to change.
> Anyone who likes to experiment with APRS-UDP, either localy or with a 
> number of people can drop me an email for an exsample configuration 
> and urls to download the needed software.

I have just added another level of spam protection, now a path 
containing something like wide4-4 or NL7-7 will not be gated to RF, the 
tric was preempt manipulation: preempt: 2 *-7 IGNORE and preempt: 2 
wide*-4 IGNORE

73 Andre PE1RDW

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