[aprssig] IS-to-RF packet Weighting

Andre aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Thu Dec 29 16:09:42 EST 2011

Op 29-12-2011 21:34, Bob Bruninga schreef:
>> It seems to me that too many suggestions around here start out with
>> "how can we bastardize X that is designed to do Y and make it do Z
>> instead/also?"
> But that's really how most innovation and progress in Amateur Radio has
> actually been made.  But despite that, your assumptions are wrong.
> The proposed RGATE suggestion is entirely within the original APRS-IS spec
> dating back to Steve Dimse's and Sproul Bros 1997 design which only required
> TCPIP* to be somewhere in the APRS-IS path.
> http://www.aprs.net/valid.html
> It only says that the "TCPIP*" needs to be in a PATH field.  It does not say
> that it must be the only one, which Pete now says his server system is
> dependent on.  Apparently somewhere along the line he narrowed it to this
> "one-and-only" requirement now in:  http://www.aprs-is.net/Connecting.aspx
> I certainly do not want to break anything in the APRS-IS.  But I am confused
> as to why this change was made and why all the server code is now vulnerable
> to the original spec.
>> Pete's already given an example (CQ server) of how
>> a _system_ can be _designed_ to do what you want.
> No, the CQSRVR method requires sending GLOBAL messages to everyone on the
> planet (similarly interested in seeing local IS mobiles) for the case of one
> mobile who might be in one local area.  Its like nukeing the planet in case
> someone nearby also has nuked the planet to see if they can hear each other
> locally.
> So my original proposal is not a "bastardizing of X".  It is using X as it
> was originally designed.  Somewhere along the way, Pete implemented a change
> which now restricts us from this growth potential.
> Bob, WB4APR
APRS-IS has always been a a semi one way network with gating back to RF 
only for messages and the posit going with it without any controll over 
the paths, to give the internet client controll over the path needs a 
ax25 aware network, not a text network.

My aprs-udp proposal does just that and is backwards compatable with 
aprs-is because it is a seperate network where aprs-is packets only show 
up trough an igate the same way as it does on RF.

a quick summery for those that have missed it or keep rejecting it 
without giving as much as a explanation.

APRS-UDP is AXUDP based making it 100% ax25 compatable, making the need 
for 3th party formating unneeded other then for igates sending aprs-is 
to aprs-udp.

packets from APRS-UDP are ONLY send to RF on the call of the gateway in 
the digipath.

packets from RF are always send to APRS-UDP.

the gateways use full digipeater dupe checking.

Clients select the needed local gate either manualy or preferably 
automaticly based on location.

APRS-UDP can be implemented right now, no need to write or update new 
igate software.

APRS-UDP uses DigiNed and axipd on linux or agwpepro on windows making 
it crossplatform.

APRS-UDP can limit the path lengths and tx rate (dupe checking) as 
needed by the sysop.

APRS-UDP can filter out abusers.

APRS-UDP can also be used to bridge between 2 areas without effecting 
any areas in between.

Best of all, APRS-UDP does not need the specs to change.

Anyone who likes to experiment with APRS-UDP, either localy or with a 
number of people can drop me an email for an exsample configuration and 
urls to download the needed software.

73 Andre PE1RDW

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