[aprssig] IS-to-RF proposal (rev b) FREQ

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Dec 29 16:38:50 EST 2011


> We still need to standardize this function so that it does 
> not evolve willy-nilly... I still want to imply standards 
> on APRS-IS injecting stations, and mobiles in particular, 
> to use only the existing APRS standard rates.  And to use 
> the original DECAY algorithm that decays the rate when
> not moving.

I just added one more.

APRS-IS mobiles with VHF, UHF or HF radios in their mobile should also
include their FFF.FFFMHz monitoring frequency in their position reports.

This gives RGATE operators an additional decision point option.... that is,
to choose not to gate a mobile that has no means of joining the local RF
community at least by voice.


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