[aprssig] RGATE RF Bundling potential

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 28 16:20:03 EST 2011

RF Bundling Potential:  (For those of you who may have missed this)
> Agree.  Which is why the proposal includes RANGE limits 
> and the DECAY and RATE-WEIGHTING so that any platform that 
> is on IS-only in a local area can be seen via this mechanism 
> and add no more to the local APRS RF than he would if he were 
> on RF directly.

> In fact, under some circumstances it might be BENEFICIAL for 
> the local area to use the 100% collision-free "IS" ENTRY of 
> local info on the IS into a well placed HIGH RGATE that then 
> can use RF packet detect to inject these BUNDLED Local packets 
> into the local RF area with full collision avoidance.  

> An overall benefit to local RF.  Everyone understands that the 
> limits on APRS are on the INPUT Contention, not on the distribution.
> Allowing some bundling of local IS-originated packets can be a 
> NET BENEFIT to RF reliability.  IE, the every 10 minute local 
> FREQ INFO objects, at least one Local WX packet, and the occasional
> local IS-mobile client.

This could more than DOUBLE the reliability of the local tactical situation
by actually reducing collisions at the inputs of digipeaters.

Though it does require the RGATE to be AT THE HIGH LOCATION.  But as the
internet more and more reaches every hill and mountain top shack, this is a
future potential we should be prepared for.  And it comes for FREE with this
IS-to-RF RGATE mechanism.

Just some thoughts


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