[aprssig] OT: Yaesu to release digital amateur radio gear

Eric Hansen skyssx at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 13:44:35 EST 2011

Well the data it transmits over the air has to be an open,
unencrypted, stream. Otherwise it would run afoul of a basic tenet of
Amateur Radio. I don't think you could be prosecuted for building a
device or writing software that decodes data sent out OTA. But, IANAL.
Eric Hansen

On Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 1:32 PM, Stephen H. Smith <wa8lmf2 at aol.com> wrote:
> On 12/29/2011 12:15 PM, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> The Motorola radios all have GPS built in and feature
> "caller ID" as well as text-messaging. I termed
> MotoTrbo to my local club as "APRS on steroids."
> There are some people working on aps that will grab the
> GPS data sent by the radios and port it over to APRS.
> I want to hear more about this and particularly how we can crosslink the
> MotoTurbo texting with APRS texting!
> Bob, WB4APR
> MotoTRBO is just a catchy trade name for the open-standards DMR (Digital
> Mobile Radio) originally defined and documented by ETSI (European
> Telecommunications Standards Institute).  The DMR standard provides for the
> transport of a 4800 bits/sec data stream, mostly used for digital voice, but
> often also used for data as well.  The name MotoTRBO was  invented by Moto
> marketeers to create the impression that this protocol is somehow unique to
> Motorola.
> On the other hand, Moto's text messaging and GPS posits ARE proprietary
> applications layered on top of the generic DMR 4800 bits-per-second data
> stream.    There may be serious licensing/intellectual property issues
> surrounding these formats if you reverse-engineer the data formats involved
> and create non-Moto third party apps to decode this stuff.    [Thank the
> vile Digital Millennium  Copyright Act (DCMA) for this situation that
> criminalizes reverse-engineering software functionality, even if you then
> write completely original "clean" code to achieve the same ends.]
> However, I don't know the legalities of taking the data spewed out  of a
> licensed Moto decode routine (figure on major bucks per radio for the
> privilege) and then re-encoding it in an unrelated format such as APRS.
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