[aprssig] Why Not "Gate in Vicinity" (phones)

John Ronan jpronans at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 04:54:18 EST 2011

On 28/12/11 05:11, KA7O wrote:
> Yes, I think you may be right. You do appear to be, at some level, 
> mis-informed as to the purpose of Amateur Radio. However, I don't 
> think it's your fault - it's a common symptom these days. And easy 
> enough to come by in our modern consumerist society. The Amateur 
> Service is called a service - but it is not something that anyone with 
> a call sign is subscribed to. It is not a 'service' that is due 
> anyone. There are no Service Level Agreements.
> As hams, we participate in the Amateur Service - it doesn't serve us.
> You're haranguing of Pete is inappropriate and frankly, rather 
> immature. He is not saying anything that many others have not been 
> saying for years. And is to be applauded for taking a stance. He's 
> held true to his standards and beliefs for the betterment of APRS for 
> many years. And no - I don't always agree with him.
> I've run an APRS I-gate and server since I was licensed back in the 
> mid 90s. There is no way I would allow arbitrary internet users - 
> essentially - 'open' access to my I-gate just because they also appear 
> to have a call sign.
Based on discussion we had with our Communications Regulator, in 
Ireland, we explicitly can NOT do this. I still don't get why you can't 
just send a message 'blind' to the person you wish to communicate with 
if they are there, they are and you'll see their posits, if not, you won't.


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