[aprssig] Why Not "Gate in Vicinity" (phones)

KA7O ka7o at ka7o.net
Wed Dec 28 00:11:29 EST 2011

Yes, I think you may be right. You do appear to be, at some level, 
mis-informed as to the purpose of Amateur Radio. However, I don't think 
it's your fault - it's a common symptom these days. And easy enough to 
come by in our modern consumerist society. The Amateur Service is called 
a service - but it is not something that anyone with a call sign is 
subscribed to. It is not a 'service' that is due anyone. There are no 
Service Level Agreements.

As hams, we participate in the Amateur Service - it doesn't serve us.

You're haranguing of Pete is inappropriate and frankly, rather immature. 
He is not saying anything that many others have not been saying for 
years. And is to be applauded for taking a stance. He's held true to his 
standards and beliefs for the betterment of APRS for many years. And no 
- I don't always agree with him.

I've run an APRS I-gate and server since I was licensed back in the mid 
90s. There is no way I would allow arbitrary internet users - 
essentially - 'open' access to my I-gate just because they also appear 
to have a call sign.

If someone - for whatever reason - is limited to a smartphone only 
device, they are more than welcome to send a message and participate as 
may be fit. I also have a smartphone and a few APRS-IS only devices. 
Visitors are welcome! In fact - in some areas, APRS-IS only devices may 
be the dominate participants. So be it. Depending on the situation, they 
may even be more appropriate. However, even if we use our callsigns and 
appropriate passcodes - that is NOT ham radio - regardless of the use of 
the APRS protocol.

And you, Eric, are showing a rather un-hamlike attitude that actually is 
harmful to the Amateur Community. Is your last name, by chance 
"Cartman"? (Sorry, that was a bit of a cheap shot - but does 
characterize your tantrum) If you can not accept a consensus decision 
made by the community at large, you have bigger issues to deal with than 
simply your participation in the Amateur Service or APRS.

Maybe your needs would be better 'served' by a Part 90 radio system. I 
believe some of my friends working NE of your QTH would be quite happy 
to sell you some very effective kit. As well as meet any Service Level 
Agreements you may require.

Tate, KA7O

On 12/27/2011 09:16 PM, Eric Lorenz K9LGE wrote:
> I think I am done with this discussion for awhile, as apparently I am
> totally misinformed on the purpose of Amateur Radio. Since Mr. Loveall
> has established himself as the supreme authority of what is and is not
> Ham Radio, and has taken it upon himself to question the license or
> mental understanding of anyone who disagrees with him, there is no
> further point in...well, trying to make a point. Though I would
> recommend that you then stop playing with that D-Star stuff...isn't that
> getting too close to Ham Radio minus RF?
> For the record, I would love to get more involved in area of Ham Radio
> like this...but it is those with attitudes like AE5PL that make me just
> say 'this is so not worth it'. This is supposed to be a fun hobby to
> explore and extend what we've learned in the past with what the future
> holds. Not be a wet blanket over anything that doesn't meet one's
> criteria for what is and isn't allowed by the hobby.
> Eric K9LGE
> (a licensed Amateur Radio operator since 2004)

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