[aprssig] debugging RF 'spam'

Sander Pool sander_pool at pobox.com
Mon Dec 26 17:57:07 EST 2011


I'm visiting outlaws (eh, in-laws) in Sagaponack, NY which is near the 
end of Long Island. Yesterday there was a drought of APRS packets on my 
D72 but this afternoon I received a whole bunch. I was surprised to get 
W3PGC-10 which is a TCPIP injected Winlink2000 object. My D72 says the 
last station was W1OEM. It apparently picked up the packet from APRS-IS 
and put it out on RF. The good thing is that the packet contains 
frequency information which would allow my radio to tune to it with a 
simple menu operation. This is very rare unfortunately. Different topic 
for a different time :)

In any case, the station is so far away from me I'll never reach it with 
VHF from where I am now.

Is this a misconfiguration on the part of W1OEM or are winlink packets 
not configured correctly? Sorry, I don't know enough yet about the 
protocol to debug this myself. KB3KOW-10 was received in the same fashion.

I think that sending objects like repeaters (rare) and RMS Packet 
stations out on RF is great. When you're out in the field without 
internet it is one of the few ways to get access to these services. It 
seems that in this case perhaps the packets propagate too far?


     Sander W1SOP

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