[aprssig] Why Not "Gate in Vicinity"

Pete Loveall AE5PL Lists hamlists at ametx.com
Mon Dec 26 12:38:10 EST 2011


Beaconing is not communicating per amateur radio definition.  It is broadcasting your position.

I am very familiar with your flawed "proxy" authorization and transport concept.  All your added overhead does is add overhead; it does not improve APRS-IS in any way, either security-wise or reliability-wise.

I said "APRS is an imperfect protocol", not "APRS-IS".  "Please read up".

As long as you think beaconing a position to everyone is "communicating", this discussion goes nowhere.  Take a look at http://www.aprs-is.net/IGating.aspx for what an IGate is and what its intent is.  Everything else you have discussed so far is simply to make non-amateur radio clients (yes, they may be run by amateur radio operators but they are not "amateur radio stations" as they are not on amateur radio RF frequencies) be seen on amateur radio frequencies.  That is not the purpose of APRS-IS nor has it ever been the purpose.  To this end, non-amateur radio use by certain groups has been moved off of APRS-IS.  Non-amateur radio clients can -communicate- with amateur radio stations via APRS-IS as a side benefit of being able to connect to the RF-RF internetwork known as APRS-IS.

Since your idea of a "results discussion" is to get non-message associated posits blasted out to RF, I guess you can have it with others as I have tried to help you understand the difference between communicating (messaging) and broadcasting (beaconing) and it seems to go nowhere.  Good luck on your quest.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
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