[aprssig] Interesting Preliminary Findings on Soundcard "Soft TNC" Shootout

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 12:03:55 EST 2011

> I have started comparison testing the relative performance of three
> sound-card software packet TNCs that can be used with APRS programs as a
> replacement for hardware TNCs such as a KPC3 or TNC2.       The three "soft
> TNCs" I am testing are:
> o      MixW 2.20 running in packet mode.
> o     The most recent freeware version of the AGW Packet Engine (Ver
> o     The new UZ7HO "soundmodem" beta Ver 0.41

Fascinating and informative report.  Thank you Stephen...

Doesn't the UZ7HO system also have a feature where there are multiple
receivers listening so it should be possible to decode more off
frequency packets?   Could that be similarly tested by varying the
frequency of the transmitted signal while comparing the performance of
the different TNC's?

Thanks again!
Bill - WA7NWP

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